Life is supposed to be beautiful, fun, and easy. They didn't tell you that but I'm here to tell you that. I feel so much joy when I hear that someone is living the life that they imagined. It makes my heart skip a beat when a person feels so much hope again. I love feeling like I can fly and that the possibilities are endless, and I want you to feel that way too. Our spiritual journey can sometimes be a little scary , but trust me it's so worth it. There is no better feeling than being in touch with our higher selves and answering the call to what makes your soul soar. Let us fly away together. 




About Me


Hi, I’m Kai, the founder of HigherDimensionsOfYou.com, a community, that supports and empowers people on their spiritual journeys. I offer tarot readings for most of life’s questions. I am the author of the book," How To Shine A Light On Your Path - The Empath's Guide To Happy Living", which is available on amazon.com and iTunes. 

I have a passion for guiding people spiritually. I agree with the sentiment that your outer world is merely a reflection of what's going on inside of you spiritually. I believe that if you connect with your higher self and develop your I Am'ness the abundance of the universe will flow to you with ease.