What Dreams Are Made Of

What Dreams Are Made Of

I had been thinking about dreams a lot lately. The great mystic, Neville Goddard, said that man takes the conception of himself into his dreams that will be played out in real life. Essentially, if you go to bed (consistently) feeling like a success then one day you will be that success. The reverse is also true. Neville Goddard also stated that God speaks to man through the medium of his dreams. I really started to ponder on those schools of thought, because I've noticed that things that I would think about during the day would play out in my dreams that night. I  also started to wonder how much of our dreams are really based on our thoughts and feelings. 

As luck, or synchronicity, would have it, I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline last week, and someone tweeted about a young lady that reads dreams. I immediately reached out to this person and asked her if I could pick her brain about dreams. She said yes. Tess is an empath that reads dreams.  You can get more information about Tess, and her dream readings on her website

1. What are dreams?

 I think most would have to agree that dreaming is a state of connecting with another part of ourselves that we are usually only semi-consciously aware of in the waking state. Some call it higher mind, soul, spirit, inner being, source, subconscious and even God. I believe it is a pure connection with our higher consciousness without interference from the logical mind, giving you insight as to how you should best navigate life. The message of the dream is communicated through symbols, similar to a parable. The language of dreams transcends words and speaks to you in the context of what you know or what you are familiar with in your present reality. This is why interpretation is necessary and people often need help with that until they get a basic understanding of their personal dream symbol language and even thereafter it is helpful to brainstorm the dream with someone else for even more clarity. As they say, two heads are better than one! There are standard symbol meanings, but those are really to be used as a guideline. The truest meaning of dream symbols is entirely subjective.

2. Are dreams real?

I may need you to elaborate on this question.  If you mean real as in do they have meaning, then yes they are real. Even if they are imagined they are real. They exist. And I believe everything that exists has meaning. If you mean real as in tangible, all things tangible began with a thought. Anything you can touch manifested from a thought. So yes, dreams are real. When people have disturbing dreams and they can't get it off their mind I believe they would tell you yes! Dreams are real. So if you've ever had what we call a nightmare, I'm sure you know the answer to this question already.

3. Do you believe that everything that a person dreams about will come true? Do you believe that they will experience something similar in the 3d world? 

The scenarios of most dreams are symbolic, not to be taken literally. The logical mind is completely removed from the dream process therefore it is presented in pictures that represent thoughts, feelings and concepts. Those symbols translate to the dreamers perception of their waking life. On that basis everything you dream about is already true because it is a reflection of your present perception of your waking life.

Here's an easy way to see that most dreams are truly symbolic, as you consider your dream ask yourself if you saw anything in the dream that is unlikely to happen in your reality, such as an upside down house, a flying car, a barking cat, etc, etc. The presence of those things is absolute proof that the dream must be symbolic. For example, an upside-down house may indicate an upside-down or chaotic situation is going on in the dreamers life. When I present that interpretation to the dreamer they would know immediately if something of that nature was happening in their life, it would resonate with them. The next step would be to identify the dreamers feelings about that resonant situation in waking life and how to proceed in resolving the issue, as well as, how they participated in creating the chaos. So, dreams are about what is happening within the dreamers waking life right now, hence the dream, and prophetic in that similar situations will continue to occur in the dreamers waking life due to their perceptions, but not in relation to the specific events in the dream.


Something that I have noticed. Do you believe that our dreams are based on our subconscious beliefs? If so, say you have a dream that something is happening or has happened that you don’t like, does that mean you can change it when you change your beliefs about that particular subject? 

Basically, yes. The conscious mind is sleeping so a dream can only be what one might call the subconscious. As I said earlier, it's called many other things by different people based on their beliefs. Focusing on the dreams specific material content is not where you find the meaning, but rather what those material objects or people may represent. It is the underlying beliefs and feelings about the dream scenario that needs addressing. The changes that need to happen are within the dreamers personality and perspective of life, not changes as in trying to manipulate objects, people or events in the dreamers waking life. 



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